Toronto Legal Hackers and Vaultie facilitate the world’s first legal contract in the Metaverse

Toronto - February 15, 2022 - Toronto Legal Hackers and Vaultie, a digital identification company that provides identity integrated digital signature solutions, have partnered to hold a virtual event in the metaverse. On February 24, at 7:30 pm (EST), two parties will enter into a legally binding contract using Decentralized Identities mediated over the Blockchain.  A demonstration of a virtual transaction will be made between a lawyer and client, in the Metaverse, with their real-world identity secured by Vaultie’s digital identity solution.  The Vaultie solution will facilitate the manifestation of the digital contract, in the real-world, by verifying that those involved in the contract are who they say they are, and that the contract has not been tampered with.  

The world is getting better at building virtual, immersive experiences that have low friction and can happen anywhere, and we are faced with the real-world challenge of emerging artificial identities that exonerates a person from taking legal consequences for his conduct online. How do we know when someone with an Avatar of Leonardo from Ninja turtles will fulfill his end of the bargain when buying an asset? 

Toronto Legal Hackers and Vaultie are hosting this event in Virtual Reality (VR), in order to provide a platform which will showcase how contracts signed in the Metaverse can be securely and legally presented in real life (IRL) and acted upon similar to other contracts that originated IRL.  Vaultie uses digital signatures tied to face biometrics, anchored on blockchain to instantly identify and verify a person’s identity to ensure that a specific person, and not an imposter, signs the document. This solution provides a tamper-proof document that can be verified by any third party with whom it is shared.

The presentation will be held in VRchat, a platform that provides a social VR experience for all of those who own either a PC, a Mac, or an Oculus/HTC set. If you share the vision for constructing Metaverse, promoting identity verification on virtual platforms, or simply want to participate in building the next block towards making safe & secure virtual transactions, please email [email protected]  to sign up.  Interest in the event has been steadily growing, so interested parties should sign-up quickly as there are a limited number of spaces available in the virtual hangout room! For additional information please visit “”.  

For all media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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Vaultie is a digital identity company that is passionate about protecting people's privacy and safeguarding their documents. We do this by building secure, easy-to-use software based on verifiable credentials, blockchain, and ethical facial recognition.