Your immigration practice has a lot of moving pieces.

Your work encompasses helping some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens find freedom and safety alongside new opportunities. Whether your practice is permanent residency and citizenship applications, or refugee claims and work permits, your clients are hungry for their next adventure.

While you may be meticulous, it is important not to miss any crucial steps while juggling your multiple responsibilities. When dealing with foreign nationals especially, the risk of fraud is high, and becoming involved in a fraudulent matter can become a serious burden to your practice. Technology has made many instances of fraud easy to detect, and it is easier than ever to integrate helpful tools seamlessly into your practice.

What are the risks of fraud in immigration law?

While government agencies ultimately make decisions, lawyers need to have a full understanding of their client’s documents in order to determine an applicant’s likelihood of success. No immigration lawyer wants to take part in a fraudulent citizenship application, or a visa application made under false pretenses.

Immigration lawyers prepare clients regularly for their dealings with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and they cannot do this properly if clients are being dishonest or submitting forgeries. Lawyers are busy, and for even the most diligent lawyer it can be hard to know what to look for in every single document from any given country of origin.

What does fraud look like in immigration law?

Fake documents

Arguably the biggest risk of fraud in immigration law is fake identification, or other fake documents that have either been altered or fabricated completely. It can be difficult to identify a fraud without holding the document in your hands.

Fake backstory

Many clients might be massaging the truth, thinking that sympathy will help win them an easier passage to Canada. They often fail to realize that not only does it make them an unreliable narrator, but their stories can often be disproved easily with evidence.

Fake scheme

Many fraudsters will attempt to enter the country on a fraudulent scheme, such as a phony marriage or a fake student or work visa. A good handle on client’s documents can help detect a phony scheme before it gets very far.

How can technology help catch fraudsters in their tracks?

Fraud-resilient documentation

Ensuring that any consultations that occur online are safe and that documents being presented and examined are genuine and have not been tampered with.

Identity verification

By scanning and verifying almost any foreign piece of identity, and determining whether that identity is authentic to that country without physically laying hands on the document itself.

Holistic Solution

By providing an integrated solution that not only helps lawyers easily catch document fraud, but also validates that the parties involved are who they say they are.

There’s a way to do digital signatures better

Immigration lawyers, citizenship lawyers, and work permit lawyers require clients to sign documents often from far away, sometimes when that client is in another country or even on another continent. This can present a challenge when it comes to authenticating signatures.

If a visa application client uses a standard digital signature, you cannot be sure that they are the person who signed the document, or even that they are the person that they claim to be. Even if they have provided images of their identification, and you may watch them sign documents over a webcam (which may not always be possible), the authentication process may not be 100% effective every time. 

We’re here to help make your immigration practice safer for everyone

Vaultie takes digital signatures to the next level. Our digital signature product utilizes blockchain and biometrics to make sure not only that the chain of custody on any document signature is unbroken, but also that the person who has signed is who they claim to be.    All documents are secure and can be verified by anyone who the signatory chooses to share them with, and not viewed by any other parties.  Our product provides you with peace of mind that you are incorporating the best technology into your practice to protect both you and your clients.

As an immigration lawyer, you’re responsible for doing your due diligence at every turn. We can help.