It’s easy to verify a document with Vaultie

You don’t need to create an account — simply use our app to scan the document’s QR code, and you’ll get a report (it’s free).

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How to read your authenticity report

Authenticity report infographics

Verified badge

This area will let you know if the scanned QR and document contains a complete set of information to validate.


Signatory authentication

Information is provided about the signer’s ID verification, facial verification, timestamps, and how many fields they filled out in the document.

Tap on the photo to enlarge the selfie taken at the moment of signing and compare the features.

Verified ID badge show the tooltip with the kind of document and date when ID check took place.

Signatory information

Digital signature validation

This group of tests gathers information from the signature and verifies them against the original which is tethered to blockchain.

This proves that the document you’re reading hasn’t been tampered with.

You can also always check the original by clicking the button below.

Digital signature validation