Protect your Documents

Vaultie builds «decentralized document passports» which can be used to verify a documents authenticity, ownership, and maintain records of how it has been accessed.

Using Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS P2P network, our technology can create verifiable and immutable documents.

Give your files an identity

Sign documents

Vaultie allows you to sign documents with confidence in their legal power.
We verify every signature and store a record on the Blockchain ledger to be
verified again at anytime.

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Build your documents history

Securely Share

Automatic encryption makes sure
only those you trust have access

Send for Signatures

Multi-step verification provides assurance
that users are then intended recipients

Send for Voting

Have other parties vote on amendments
or proposals in the Document

Verify online

Received a document and want to know about it’s authenticity or history?
Our online document verification service can access it’s passport.

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