A verifiable digital signature
that prioritizes your safety

Protect your documents with Vaultie — digital signatures tied to authenticated selfies, anchored on blockchain, and instantly verifiable.

Security and
simplicity for you
and your clients

Prevent fraud

Be confident that signers are who they say they are after we verify their selfies and IDs to avoid identity theft.

Save time

Work wherever you are—there’s no need to sign or verify documents in person.

Protect content

Documents anchored on blockchain are protected, so they can’t be changed without your knowledge.

Prove authenticity

Use any smartphone to verify a signed document—even a printed one—in an instant.

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It's easy to sign and verify legal documents with Vaultie.

How it works

Three stages that secure your document

Verify your identity and send your documents
for signature

Signers take a selfie that’s verified before they sign

Everyone gets certified copies that are freely verifiable by anyone

Bulletproof signing

A digital alternative with a stronger legal punch:
Every signature is integrated with unique identifiers
and anchored on blockchain

Biometric ID

Signers confirm their identity by taking a selfie that's verified against their government ID.

Electronic and digital signatures

Signers apply their electronic signatures to the document, which is then signed digitally with a cryptographic key.

Document DNA

A unique checksum is created from the document's contents, so changes won't go unnoticed.


A certificate that contains the biometric IDs, signatures and document DNA is created for the document.

Blockchain anchors

The certificate is stamped on each signed copy of the document and anchored on blockchain.

Go paperless – with peace of mind

Five factor signatures keep all your legal documents secure.

Your compliance, proven inside your document

We show our work when it comes to compliance, our Authentication Report shows a FINTRAC compliant identity verification which you can use to satisfy KYC requirements on:

Real estate agreements
Legal documents
Financial docs

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