and transparent
Digital Signatures

No more questioning intent or
authentication on digital documents.

We prove who signed the document,
when they signed it, and what exactly
they signed.

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Archaic pen-to-paper signatures
Pen-to-paper signatures cost
time and money
Cut out extra costs on lawyers, couriers
and other ancillary services
Reduce the risk of fraud via streamlined
negotiations and signing process
Immediate authenticated signing
Facial verification and blockchain validation
provide the highest level of reliability
Any document can be signed with the
click of a button
Producible history provides indelible
evidence for future usage of the document

Vaultie's value

Full force

Vaultie’s airtight solution allows you sign documents digitally with the same legal punch as if you put pen to paper

Blockchain verified

Each document has a producible history permanently recorded in the blockchain ledger

Conversation starter

Encrypted chat allows secure negotiations on documents.
All data is stored on your internal servers

Build trust

Signature receipts ensure
you know all parties have acted

Digitally sign documents
you never could

Vaultie offers maximum level of trust for any type of
document you sign
Signing a will or a promissory note should not be more complicated than signing a simple contract
Blockchain serves as an eternal witness and facial verification guarantees no impersonation and fraud
Encrypted content provides higher level of privacy than presence
of a witness or notary public

How Vaultie works

Verifiable identities

Vaultie authenticates the signatory at every stage of the signing process. Removing any doubts

Signature receipts

Request signature receipt from signing party without having access to contract’s contents

Secure correspondence

Use your own email server and our end-to-end encryption to securely collaborate on contracts prior to signing

Proof of ownership

Access certified sensitive document alongside with the proof of ownership by issuing organization


Dmitry Semenovskiy

Dmitry Semenovskiy

CEO & Co-founder

Plutus, IBM

Higher School of Economics,
Master's Degree

Meyer Mechanic

Meyer Mechanic

COO & Co-founder


University of Toronto,
Rotman, MBA

Evolve from the pen

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