Our Purpose

Vaultie was founded on the belief that there should be a safer approach to digital trust
Trust is crucial but can be easily broken. In our local communities, trust is built over time through reliable service and personal connections. However, in a rapidly expanding global world, trust can be harder to establish. Vaultie offers a solution by using digital credentials and decentralized storage to prove the authenticity of documents and signatures.
We enable individuals to digitally lay claim to their personal data by tethering fraud-resilient and verifiable credentials to sensitive information such as digital IDs, legal documents, and financial contracts. By anchoring data to blockchain, we've created a digital trail that can always be authenticated by others.

Documents are stored decentrally with a unique hash, accessed via app or wallet!
Maintain complete control over who has access to your documents with encryption & and Public/Private Key.
Prove your document's authenticity with Vaultie's digital biometric witness — 3-fold verification for ultimate confidence!

Meet the Vaultie team - the experts behind your favourite digital trust solution
Meyer Mechanic, CEO & Co-founder
Meyer comes from deep experience in financial services which he levered into a career advising and operating other start-ups. He runs the operational side & he's the guy who makes sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. 
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Matthew Rappard, CTO
CTO of Vaultie, blockchain wizard, and DIACC member auditing tech for the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework. With 3 blockchain systems under his belt (including tracking medical marijuana and artist royalty rights), he's now focused on digital signatures and smart contracts for financial assets and securities.
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Kiran Ahmed, Junior Full Stack Developer
Meet Kiran, a valuable member of the Vaultie team responsible for frontend maintenance and testing. Her primary focus is ensuring that our frontend development is up to par and runs smoothly.
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Corinne Haddad, Marketing & Account Manager
Corinne creates marketing strategies to reach and engage target audiences, while also managing key client relationships.
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