For Lawyers

Verify identity with your clients' government ID
Taking steps to confirm the identity of potential clients is crucial for building trust and protecting yourself from potential scams or fraud. This added security can give both you and your clients peace of mind, and establish a solid foundation for a successful working relationship. When you send a verification request with Vaultie, your client will upload a copy of their government ID tested against a live selfie, and Vaultie uses biometric verification to confirm your client is who they say they are. 
The ultimate continous KYC solution for lawyers in North America
Vaultie’s KYC integrated digital signatures and identity verification protocols test the authenticity of a government issued ID through a biometric. The passing of the biometric and ID test can be referenced in the identity verification and digital signature, leaving you with nearly zero doubt about knowing your client. 
Compliance requirements
We show our work when it comes to compliance. Our Authenticity Report shows a FINTRAC compliant identity verification, which you can use to satisfy your KYC requirements.

What your authenticity report will look like:
No account creation is required. To access the report, simply use your phone's camera app to scan the document's QR code, and the report will be available to you free of charge.

With your authenticity report, you'll also get these bonus features:
Verified badge
Our digital proof is the real deal. It's W3C-compliant, includes a digital signature, government identification credential, and a picture taken at the time of signing. That's three levels of security to prove the validity of the signature. You can rest easy knowing your document is protected by our top-of-the-line technology.
Signatory authentication
Our digital signature service provides you with all the necessary information about the signer's ID and facial verification, timestamps, and fields filled out. You can also enlarge the signer's selfie taken at the moment of signing. Verified ID badges offer a complete digital trail, including the document type and ID check date.