A globally verifiable notary seal!
Verified ID-based, blockchain linked signatures that protect you and your client. Certify original copies and ensure tamper-proof documents with online notarization.

Notary/Commissioner seals benefits:
Tamper proof notary seal
We verify your notary/commissioner seal status and issue a blockchain digital ID that acts as a seal. You have complete control over the issuance of your seal. All seals can be verified instantly by any 3rd party.
Prevent fraud
Protect yourself and your clients by performing ID checks, carrying out ethical biometric verification, writing the document to blockchain, and validating you as a certified notary or commissioner.
Protect your client’s privacy
Documents are peer-to-peer encrypted. Only your signatories and people they choose to share the document with can access the document (even we can’t read them).
Global 3rd party verification
QR codes link your seal and documents allowing for instant 3rd party verification, even on printed copies. Your seal can be verified by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Notary/Commissioner seals features:
Blockhain & digital credential linked seal
We verify your notary & commissioner status & create a digital ID that gets linked to blockchain, so your seal can always be traced to you.
Create a permanent verifiable record
We authenticate all of the users and their documents providing a transparent digital trail from start to finish.
Verifiable digital signature
Signatories apply their electronic signatures to the document, which is then signed digitally with a cryptographic key.
KYC Compliance
We gather compliance data and conduct ID verification at a level of security comparable to that of banks, and then present you with a user friendly KYC report.
Facial biometrics
To authenticate their identity, signatories take a selfie, which is then cross-referenced against their government-issued ID document for verification purposes.
Mobile optimized
Easily upload, sign, and verify your documents. We've optimized our content for effortless viewability and navigation, ensuring a comfortable user experience.

What your notary seal will look like:
We use a zero knowledge proof linked to the Law Society of Ontario’s database, to generate our Notary Seal. This Notary seal is a digital credential that is applied to a document. When displayed in Vaultie, these seals include a QR code which can be scanned to allow the user to verify both the documents and notary.
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