Contracts with Vaultie

If you don't have an account
On the top left hand side of your screen, hit the “Sign Up” button. Enter your full legal name as it appears on your government-issued ID, along with your date of birth. Enter your firm’s administrative email address, create a password & consent to the privacy statement & terms of service. 
Email verification
You’ll be redirected to the “Account Activation” page to verify your email address. Head to your inbox, and where you’ll receive a “Welcome to Vaultie” email. Select the “Verify email” button, and you’ll be redirected to the “Account Activation” page, where you’ll be able to confirm your email address, and then sign in. 
Selecting your plan
After you've confirmed your email address, start sending KYC integrated digital documents by selecting a plan that suits your firm, and start sending contracts instantly. If you're also using Vaultie for KYC, and have already purchased your verifications, they will be available to you to view under the "Billing" section. You can view it by selecting your name under "My Profile".
Sending a Contract
Create a new folio by clicking on "New folio". Confirm with your password.
Name your folio and specify your signatories by entering their email addresses. Collect KYC information from your designated signatories, if needed.
Upload your document from your computer, or drag it onto the field. Add your required fields for each signatory (signature, initials, date, name, text) & send your folio.
What your client goes through
Your client will receive a notification via email about the document awaiting their signature. By clicking the "Review document" button in the email, they'll be prompted to create an account. Clients should enter their first and last name as per their government-issued ID. Verify their identity to start the process (typically 2-3 minutes). Clients can select their preferred type of government-issued ID for verification, with a wide range of options from various countries. They can choose to complete the process from their desktop or mobile device.
ID Verification:
Clients will receive an email confirmation when their ID verification is complete. They will then be prompted to consent to the KYC request and sign the digital document. After filling out the designated fields, they will be prompted to take a quick selfie.
Document Completion:
Once all parties, including yourself, have signed the document, you will receive a confirmation via email. You can also find the completed document under the "Completed" tab in your secure Vaultie account.