We’re making it safer to sign documents digitally

Why we’re here

At its core, a digital signature needs to be able to prove that a specific person signed a document and that the document has not been tampered with.

Vaultie was founded by passionate technologists because we were noticing that even the safest digital signatures on the market couldn’t seem to definitively prove who clicked “sign”.

We took this as a challenge to create what we hoped would be the world's first bulletproof digital signature. We draw on experience in the finance, legal, SaaS, and blockchain industries to raise the bar on fraud prevention within digital signatures.

Meyer Mechanic

Meyer Mechanic, MBA

Founder, CEO

Meyer comes from deep experience in financial services which he levered into a career advising and operating other start-ups. He runs the operational side.

Julianne Trotman

Julianne Trotman, MBA

Growth Marketing Lead

Julianne leads the marketing effort at Vaultie. She specializes in driving sales and business results by developing and executing growth marketing and communication solutions through digital channels.

Bin Hur

Bin Hur

Product Designer

Bin leads user experience and visual identity at Vaultie. He has amassed many years of experience from working in multiple industries on diverse projects.

Yu Han

Yu Han

Junior Full Stack Developer

Yu works on product development and maintenance at Vaultie. His focus is mostly on frontend development and backend micro-services.

Join our team

Want to join the fast-moving start-up in the secure identification and digital space? We’re always looking for great people to enhance our team.

Find us in downtown Toronto, where we’re part of the Legal Innovation Zone.