View. Validate. Verify your digital documents.

ID verification through blockchain and digital ID-based signatures.

Signature Benefits


Prevent fraud

Protect you and your clients by performing ID checks, carrying out ethical facial recognition and writing the document to blockchain.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Work wherever you are — there’s no need to sign or verify documents in person.

Authenticity report

Provide authenticity

Use any smartphone to verify a signed document — even a printed one — in an instant.

Protect content

Protect content

Documents are peer-to-peer encrypted. Only the signatories and people they share the document with can access the document (even we can’t read them).

Signature features

Verifiable digital signature

Verifiable digital signature

Signatories apply their electronic signatures to the document, which is then signed digitally with a cryptographic key.

KYC Compliance

KYC compliance

We collect bank-level compliance and ID verification data and provide you an easy-to-read KYC report.

Biometric ID

Ethical facial recognition

Signatories authenticate their identity by taking a selfie that's verified against their government ID.

Blockchain anchors

Blockchain anchors

We verify signatories ID and biometrics, encrypt documents between signing parties and anchor them on blockchain.

Digital certificate

Digital certificate

A certificate that contains the biometric IDs, signatures and document DNA is created for the document.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized

Comfortably upload, sign, and verify documents.  Content adjusted to accommodate easier view-ability and navigation.

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